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Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 22:56:54
Quick Guide To Choose Your Best Glass Pool Fencing in Adelaide
Thursday, April 7, 2022 · 07:34:18 · Hits: 151 · Reviews: 0
Seaton Glass offers the best frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide. With over 3 decades of experience in the glazing industry, our expertise and experience give way to the elegant and long lasting glass pool fences. Our elegant frameless pool fences are manufactured in accordance with the Australian standards for pool industry and safety protocols.
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Perfect Pool Fences For Safe & Splendid Swimming Pools

There are hundreds of styles and designs when it comes to Adelaide glass pool fencing. They are basically safety barriers but also add aesthetic appeal. Choosing the best fencing increases elegance and safety around your pool. A perfect pool fencing is all about a balance of style, safety, and durability. It is one of the most crucial parts of your landscaping plan.

When you are fencing your swimming pool, you must also follow the compliances. Your glazing Adelaide service will help you install a fence as per the local regulations. This helps in preventing drownings and keeping the children and pets in the house safe. As soon as you build a pool, a fence should be put up. Hence you need to plan the fencing well before you install the pool. This post helps in selecting the right glass fence for your swimming pool.

What To Consider Before Choosing Glass Swimming Pool Fencing

Our expert glaziers have rounded up the best tips to choose the pool fence.

Legal Compliances:
The basic aim of installing fencing around the pool is safety. When you are getting a new fence, make sure that it complies with the state guidelines. Discuss it with your company providing glazing Adelaide in terms of the design, height, and thickness of the glass fences.

2. Style & Elegance:

Apart from providing safety from accidental falls and drownings, fences are elements of beauty. Professional specialists deliver fencing that complies with all legal protocols without compromising on beauty and style. It is a huge way to add value to your existing pool and spa. When you choose a fence, make sure it merges well with the background. Frameless glass pool fencing is the best way to add elegance to your poolside.

3. Landscape Design:

Landscaping is a great trend today. If you are planning a complete landscape, consider the pool fence accordingly. Make sure the pool fence complements your landscape design. The fence should not look out of place but merges with the rest of the elements. Every detail like style, color, and pattern should be considered concerning other elements like a garden, furniture, sculptures, pool shape, etc.

4. Cost:

Do not just avoid beautiful glass panels considering them expensive. Though it might be a little expensive, they offer huge benefits now and in long term. Work out your budget and speak to your pool fence expert. Check the available options and learn if you can afford them. This one-time investment will help you in saving lots of trouble.

Generally, the cost of a glass fence for swimming pools ranges from $200 to $ 300 per linear meter for semi-frameless style. If you choose a fully frameless glass panel, it may cost you between $265 to $400 per linear meter. However, the price may vary as per the glass quality and the size of the pool area.

5. Glass Quality:

Glass panels' thickness ranges from 6mm up to 12 and 18 mm. The thicker glass fences cost more. 12 mm is the recommended thickness for the frameless glass pool fences. It can be 10mm for semi-frameless glass fences as they are supported by the frames. But the thickness of the gates can be 8 mm or 10 mm. The glass used for pool fencing is toughened glass quality. Make sure you purchase the glass panels only from a reputed and certified glazier. Also, get them installed by professional experts.

A top-quality toughened glass with recommended thickness will withstand impacts. This will prevent glass breakages and shattering.

Glass Pool Fencing - Maintenance Tips For Better Safety
The benefit of installing glass fencing is that it is low-maintenance. But the fences are concerned with the safety of your family. These maintenance and safety tips will help you ensure safety around your pool.

It would not be wise to ignore any malfunction. Ensure that the closing or latching systems are functioning.
Check the loose panels and get them repaired immediately.
The pool gates must be closed properly after you finish your swimming session.
Never leave anything near the pool fence that children can use for climbing over.
Ensure adult supervision when the kids are near the pool area.
Examine the supports brackets at least once a month.
Avoid sharp and heavy objects like pots, furniture, etc. away from the glass panels.
Keep the glasses clean to ensure clear visibility of your pool.
Why Frameless Glass Pool Fences Are Best
If you want sheer beauty around your pool, frameless glass fences are great. They are one of the most popular in residences, hotels, and resorts. The presence of glass adds value and a sense of luxury to your place. At the same time, you have better control with complete visibility of your pool from far. Thanks to the improvements in the glazing industry, glass panels are reasonably affordable. High-quality steel hardware makes these fences safe and durable.

Do not rely on uncertified glaziers to fence your pool. Glass does not require any considerable maintenance. But regular cleaning of the glass will keep the beauty intact. Glasses are easy to clean and replace when broken. The process of installation takes little time and hassles. Frameless glass installations are popular and trending in many areas of interior design and construction.

Highly durable, aesthetic, and affordable glass pool fences are possible. All you need to do is hire a reliable and professional glazing company. Take some time to learn how the quality and style are going to meet your requirements. Inform the glass pool fencing company if you have children and pets at home. They may recommend the best possible product to ensure safety.


Investment in glass pool fencing Adelaide is about your safety. Hence the products should be ideally strong. They should be strong enough to withstand constant exposure to heat, water, winds, and other impacts. Expert glaziers will offer only high-quality toughened glass with accurate installation. They will also consider your unique needs to surround your pool with appropriate barriers.
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