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Multiple industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed; home space is no exception. As many individuals spent so long indoors last year; they not only needed more warmth, but were also compelled reimagining their interiors to meet the requirements of their new way of life. Whether it was necessary to build a functional home office or to identify a smart pantry organizing solution, it was probably necessary to redesign just about every corner of the home.
With all that in mind, we couldn't help but to check in to find out the top home decor trends for 2021 from many top interior decorators in Bangalore. Keep on reading to learn what can be predicted from the world of design if you're an interior design enthusiast.

❖Focus on Relaxed Setup
If the last year taught us anything, it would be to focus on comfort over anything else. For 2021, with either a transition from contemporary design furniture to a more casual, comfortable look, many designers feel that there would be some big changes. Living rooms, although smaller in size, would have more storage and more comfy seats.
In fact, one-of-a-kind furniture items such as great vintage or artful pieces will be integrated into the living room and entrance hallway décor.
Many interior design companies in Bangalore are already receiving orders where they are being asked to create custom and relaxed furniture pieces.

❖ Appreciating Bold Wall Colors
During the last couple of years, neutral wall tones have been the entire trend, with color coming from artwork or maybe from an interior color.
But it is expected that this year, bold colors will fill the walls. We believe this pattern is really motivated by the disconnection of people from the outer world and a desire to build a home with a little more sophistication and charisma.
Looking back at a few glorious eras of interior trends, such as the medieval period or the mid-21st century, people designed bold and intense color palettes in their homes. Maybe we, too, are shifting to more outlandish color as we live lives that are more focused at home.

❖ Tropical and Floral Accents
Well, this movement has re-imagined the laid-back lifestyle of holiday destinations. Interiors influenced by distant beaches, as we pine for tropical getaways, offer a peaceful and soothing living space to make a home a healthy and welcoming place to refresh.
With an introduction to greenery in homes, tropical leaves and floral can be used to carry the outdoors inside. To replicate the diverse landscape effect, easy-living digital prints are designed to work in any home with complementary color palettes.
So a return to a worldwide inspiration within interiors is expected, where our spaces represent our journeys, the sea and distant shores.

❖ Green up the Space
Indoor shrubs and plants will begin their progression into the base of home design. They rejuvenate indoor air, offer indoor Mother Nature's clarity and peace, function like sculpture on shelves or table tops, and it is grounding and life affirming to care for them. On all levels, designing a set of interior plants wins: aesthetic, practical and emotional.
To find out about more customized trends and decor ideas, you can always reach out to us. Our expert designers are waiting to help you.

C-12, Startup Huts, #108 , 2nd & 3rd floor, 27 main, Sector 2, HSR layout, Bengaluru 560102

Phone: +91 6360254435
Website: www.ceebeedesignstudio.com
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