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Sunday, May 22, 2022 - 00:25:20
Quick Interior Designing & Decoration Tips for Your Bangalore Home
Saturday, December 19, 2020 · 05:46:13 · Hits: 208 · Reviews: 0
1 Year Ago via in House
If you have been thinking of redoing your home, you might want to take a look at some of the top tips from residential interior designers in Bangalore. Even though it might seem easy and simple in the beginning, it doesn’t hurt to get some expert opinions before making big (or small) decisions.


Do not shy away from using different patterns. A geometric patterned rug can go very well with floral wallpapers. Let your imagination run wild and play with different patterns. Mix-n-match is not only trendy, but it also makes your room look vibrant and gives it a pop.

Get some plants

If you love gardening but live in a tiny apartment, don’t worry, we have you covered. Just get a couple of house plants and put them in corners, next to your couch or window, wherever you think makes it look cheerful. You try a variety of ferns, and cacti, to even flowers.

Frame it up

If you have that one big wall, make the most of it. Personalise it by putting framed pictures. It can be any picture, of your family, kids when they were small or their graduation pictures, it can also be a pop-up wall, where you put framed pictures and posters of your favourite rock bands. In essence, make this wall a reflection of you.

Statement Piece

If you love minimalism but want something that cuts down the boring, this can be the perfect way to bring that perfect kick. Depending on the colour of your wall or other accessories, get a statement couch or a statement chandelier. It can still be minimal. You do not have to splurge on a vintage, royal couch or chandelier. But get something that either has vibrant and loud colours, or extravagant, geometric designs.

Home Library

For all the booklovers, this is heaven. If you have always wanted a personal library, now is the time. pick a wall that is free of obstruction and build a shelf around it. You can either keep the design minimal, focusing more on the storage capacity or you can try some modern designs that make your room look fancy. Depending on the purpose, whether you want it as a magazine/coffee table books rack, or you want it to accommodate all your books, select the size of the bookshelf.

Throw some Lights!

One of the best ways to easily amp up the atmosphere is to add some fancy lights. You can add focus lights on a painting you made, you can also hang a light above the dining table for a romantic dinner feel, in the bathroom, you can add softer lights that help with make-up.

Ceiling Art

Now you do not have to be a Renaissance artist to do this. You can simply splatter some paint of your choice, or even get two or three different patterns of wallpaper and then play with it. The trick is to make it look effortless and personal. Don’t mind the smudges or the uneven lines, make it a fun activity and see the artist in you come out.

These are some of the easy ways you can revamp your house. You do not have to be a professional but these are definitely what top designers would swear by. If you want more tips, you can search for home interior design Bangalore and check out some of the top designers in Bangalore and what are some of their tips.
Or, if you feel you might want a professional home interior designer’s advice on how to decorate, you might want to check out Cee Bee Design Studio. They will take care of all of the issues you might be facing while renovating your house by arranging a site visit wherein they can give proper tips and practical solutions to your problems.
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