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Diwali Vaastu Tips for Your Home Interior Design- 2020
Friday, November 6, 2020 · 12:38:11 · Hits: 250 · Reviews: 0
2 Years Ago via in House
The Diwali festival is one that Indians are always looking forward to. Regardless of which everybody is, with a lot of fervor, the Festival of Lights takes everyone together. Have you begun to prepare for the coming holidays yet? Now could be the perfect time to do so, if not. We figured these vast, super simple Diwali tips could prove to be helpful. To usher in good vibes and success, obey these simple guidelines.

The Entry/Doorway

In Vaastu, the house's main gate is aligned with future prospects. So just don't leave your doorway with any obstructions. Please ensure that the door completely opens and that there is no debris in its direction. Outside your gateway, make a lovely rangoli design or pattern to greet the Gods.

The 'Toran' located outside the gate works on the same principle. Interior decorators in Bangalore are ought to help you with the whole decor. As it prevents the ills out from the home, a silver swastika must be laid on the front entrance. It is also possible to put the Asthamangala sign, which is the lotus chair carrying a holy wreath of eight propitious icons.

Lights will guide you

During Diwali, a simple Vaastu for home tip is to use lights to welcome wealth, good luck and riches. By filling every nook and cranny with lamps, remove static and destructive forces. Mud and metal (silver, brass and alloys) are most favored according to vast Shasta, while the market has lamps of all types, sizes and goods. Get an interior designer in Bangalore to help you with the exact specifications. Similarly, the safest fuel for these lamps is sesame seed oil or ghee.

Metal and mud lamps are historical of significant importance. While metals are better energy conductivity, mud lamps may become great reservoirs of the same. To boost positive energies in and around the premises, put blue-colored mud lamps in the north, green in the east, red in the south and dark blue in the west. Likewise, in the southeast, use green, in the southwest, pink or grey, and in the northwest, blue or grey.

Cee Bee Design Studio is one of the best interior design companies out there. This interior design company is ought to help you find the most fantastic design theme for your home. When designing a home for the Diwali season, according to Vaastu, it is essential to have some professional help. Cee Bee Design Studio would assist you every step of the way.

We hope this helps!

Happy Diwali!

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