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Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 15:42:25
5 Balcony Designs for the Fall season at Cee Bee Design Studio
Thursday, October 22, 2020 · 12:20:28 · Hits: 84 · Reviews: 0
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6 Months Ago via in House
Although the weather might seem like turmoil, fall is almost around the corner. This would be the perfect time to re-decorate your balcony. Indian homes have always considered balconies an integral part of their infrastructure. Our homes are built in such a manner that balconies are able to give that little sneak peek into the outside world.

Many designing experts claim that homeowners associate balconies with their connection with nature while living city lives.

Now that we are forced to stay indoors, there couldn’t be a better time to design your balconies with some extraordinary theme. It can be your abode of happiness and comfort.

The Bookworm’s Heaven

The balcony is the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee on a fall afternoon with your favorite book in hand. If you want to have a bookshelf and reading corner then most home interior designers in Bangalore suggest that you use bright and vibrant colors for the pieces you put in the balcony. It can be a bright yellow colored chair, an orange-colored swing, some colorful accessories and etc.

Put up a small table for keeping your books with shelving. At Cee Bee Design Studio, designing experts have decorated numerous balconies with the bookworm theme and all unique styles. You should really approach them for your balcony decor.

The Aesthetic Corner

Cities might have blessed us with big buildings but not with big balconies. But what people do not realize is that there is so much that can be done even with the bare minimum which you have.

Top interior designers in Bangalore can help you get the most aesthetically pleasing balconies based on your preferences.

Try using the lighting to your advantage to create some welcoming ambiance for your small balcony design. Try hanging string lights, cool lanterns, candles, the sky’s the limit.

Built-in Seating

Seating can be a major issue in balconies. With the fear of high wind knocking down plastic chairs to being whimsical about investing in a luxurious armchair; the worries are many. Installing a built-in seating station will increase the square footage of your balcony. It would give your balcony a more practical feel.

The Outdoor Day-Bed

Put up a chair/sofa which pulls to a recliner. Add some cute throw pillows and colorful accents around the balcony wall to make it a perfect outdoor chill set-up. An outdoor day bed could even be placed on a tiny balcony.

This design frame is excellent if you want your balcony to have a sweet tone of relaxation. These kinds of designs can also serve as perfect work stations for those of you who have to lie down or stretch a bit while working. You can put a small bamboo table beside and place coffee mugs, vases, stationery or other utilitarian items there.

Put a Cover

To build shade and safety from the elements cover your balcony. But you don’t need to build a permanent overhead system. Instead, for a bohemian look, secure exterior fabric or a tarp to corner pillars.

Although all the above ideas might seem pretty DIY you can really use some professional help from designers. At Cee Bee Design Studio, designers understand your requirement to the fullest and help you accordingly. Reach out to us for any queries and we shall definitely assist you.
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