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Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 23:08:21
The Ultimate Interior Design Trends for Fall
Monday, September 28, 2020 · 12:08:41 · Hits: 315 · Reviews: 0
3 Years Ago via in House
TREND ALERT- Here are the top trends in interior design for fall 2020 that will help you build your dream home ... Don't miss the opportunity to see these awesome trends we have shortlisted first!

Fall is almost around the corner and it is considered the best season for a home makeover. This year has been exceptionally challenging and it is about time you give your home a full transformation. The interior designing trends keep on changing every now and then. A lot of interior designers across India have noticed that the fall trends this year are subtle, chic and very rustic in their vibe.

These trends have been handpicked by some of the top interior designers in Bangalore. Let's check them out!

Matte Finish Accents

Chrome and lustrous metal finishes have been popular for a very long time. It would be nice to switch to a different palette and see something different. Matte finishes on appliances and accessories around the home are going to be the next big thing this fall.

Matte finishes can give your space an entirely different feel, especially in darker colors, without requiring redecorating the entire room. Matte finishes add gravitas and character to your room. It has a definition of its own.

That 70's Show-Stopper Vibe

Carry the cool and puffy vibe of the 70s through some exclusive furniture pieces to your project plan. Brown, black, and whites items of leather are the last season's material ... Why don't you opt for some leather colors like green, red, merlot, orange, or even yellow instead? Colorful leathers are going to be one of the top trends in luxury home designing. It speaks the 70's vibe loud and clear. Rock bands and their eccentric sense of style started reflecting in their home designing trends back in the days.

Looks like the retro and colorful days are going to make a comeback this fall season. There is so much that can be done with this theme if you hire a good designer.

Cee Bee Design Studio is considered the best among the top 10 interior design studios in Bangalore. They have years of experience curating personalized home designing solutions. Get your home jazzed up this fall season with their help and expertise which hundreds of home and office owners love.

Infusion of wooden and softness

This trend takes organic styles, soft fabrics, and natural materials to transform homes into relaxing atmospheres where comfort is the law. This trend is heavily influenced by tranquility and the Scandinavian way of living. Soft blankets, wooden tables, pastel-colored cushions, are some excellent additions which can bring his look together. The aim is to create a soothing environment.

Adding plush pillows in the hall sofa, turning the balcony into a cozy corner and getting some softwood pieces of furniture are other ways to transforming the room.

Bejeweled and Millennial

Embrace tones of rich and bejeweled shades that sound super luxurious this fall season. A moody atmosphere is created by darker colors and heavier fabrics, which is a new take on a classic cozy feel. Invest in a bejeweled tone such as teal, burgundy or burnt orange in a statement piece of furniture.

The millennial bejeweled design is all about embracing and incorporating the past into a contemporary world. There is so much that can be done with floral patterns, vintage styles and nostalgia-evoking accessories. Also, be conscious of enhancing any unique properties that you might have in your home already.

Get an interior designer's consult right now from Cee Bee Design Studio and get the home of your dreams this fall season.
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